Sunday, September 2, 2007

Crispy, Dairy, Yellow

Sausage Queso

MoChef: Mike

Description: Ah, the simplicity & majesty of queso! My words gave me the opportunity to make a favorite queso using a whopping three ingredients: a brick of Velveeta, a jar of D.L. Jardine's Chipotle salsa and a pound of browned pork sausage. When served with tortilla chips, this queso is perfectly splendid.

Pink, Cool, Pig

Ham & Love Dip Roll-ups

MoChef: Elissa

Description: For those uninformed few, Love Dip is a luscious tomato-based cream cheese spread that is suitable for any occasion, providing the occasion involves food. The Love Dip is pink & cool, as is the ham (and, of course, pig).

Curry, Saute, Fire

Curry Chicken Phyllo Tarts with Creamy Hatch Pepper Topping

MoChef: Chris

Description: For ease I began with ready-made Athens Phyllo Shells. The filling was ground chicken, sauteed according to a recipe for Indian Curry Chicken, in which you were basically making your own curry. The topping was a mixture of hatch chile salsa (fresh hatch chile peppers, lime juice and cilantro), cream cheese and sour cream. This topping was cool and creamy, while still adding the necessary fire.