Sunday, September 2, 2007

Crispy, Dairy, Yellow

Sausage Queso

MoChef: Mike

Description: Ah, the simplicity & majesty of queso! My words gave me the opportunity to make a favorite queso using a whopping three ingredients: a brick of Velveeta, a jar of D.L. Jardine's Chipotle salsa and a pound of browned pork sausage. When served with tortilla chips, this queso is perfectly splendid.

Pink, Cool, Pig

Ham & Love Dip Roll-ups

MoChef: Elissa

Description: For those uninformed few, Love Dip is a luscious tomato-based cream cheese spread that is suitable for any occasion, providing the occasion involves food. The Love Dip is pink & cool, as is the ham (and, of course, pig).

Curry, Saute, Fire

Curry Chicken Phyllo Tarts with Creamy Hatch Pepper Topping

MoChef: Chris

Description: For ease I began with ready-made Athens Phyllo Shells. The filling was ground chicken, sauteed according to a recipe for Indian Curry Chicken, in which you were basically making your own curry. The topping was a mixture of hatch chile salsa (fresh hatch chile peppers, lime juice and cilantro), cream cheese and sour cream. This topping was cool and creamy, while still adding the necessary fire.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Modern, Fun, End

Low-Carb Truffles

MoChef: Chris

Description: Chocolate is, perhaps, the most perfect way to "end" a meal and these chocolate truffles, decorated with "fun" picks were not only delicious, they fit into that most "modern" of food trends, low-carb.

The recipe suggested rolling the truffles in powdered sugar, chopped nuts, or cocoa powder. To this Chris added dark cocoa powder with grated orange peel and some Cafe Francaise.

Flash, Europe, Crunchy

Strawberries & Cream Trifle

MoChef: Kristen

Description: Kristen's first effort was ready in a "flash". A store-bought pound cake was cubed and layered with fresh strawberries, Reddi-Wip and "crunchy" granola to make this concoction that originated in England... part of "Europe".

Southwest, Sticky, Snow

Chile Relleno

MoChef: Reid Whittaker

Description: These tasty "southwest" creations were filled with yummy, "sticky" cheese and dusted ("snow"-like) with romano cheese.

Sun, Cool, Bottle


MoChef: Chris

We have the orange juice for "sun", champagne for "bottle" and, of course, nothing can "cool" you off on a warm Houston morning quite like mimosa. There was nothing fancy about this one, just some $12 champagne and some Simply Orange juice.

Fold, Salty, Rich

Breakfast Quesadillas

MoChef: Elissa

Description: A folded butter tortilla filled with rich Fontina cheese and salty smoked applewood bacon topped with peach salsa, a fried egg, diced avocado and a sprinkle of kosher salt.

Broil, Caramelize, Warm

Creme Brulee French Toast

MoChef: Mike

Description: Uh, well, it's creme brulee french toast. Thankfully, my words were particularly suitable for brunch.

What Is Molybdenum Chef?

It's a game of cooking & creativity.

In the Iron Chef competition, two chefs are challenged to create as many dishes as possible using the same ingredient, unknown to them until the start of the one hour time limit.

In a Molybdenum Chef event collaborators are each given three random words from a list of words. Their challenge is to prepare, untimed, a food item that can be described by these three words and then to combine their efforts to create a meal to be shared by all.

In the first Molybdenum Chef (MoChef) event, about twenty words were written on 3 x 5 index cards and shuffled. Technology, however, has supplied us with a faster, paperless way to give MoChef collaborators their three words. Use the MoChef Wordpicker to generate three words for your Mochef event. (NOTICE: You only get three tries!)

This blog is to be both a jumping-off point for you and your gastronomic gameplay as well as a place for you to share the recipes you created.

Ladies & Gentlemen, start your ovens!

And Bon Appetit!!